Monday, 9 July 2012

Si Thembammm awk ne :')

Look,, that is my wonderful name that my parent gave to me when i was born on 4th of November 1993!! Hehe.. Actually my real name is "SITI NOOR FAZIATULFITREEN" but i don't know why when i in school my name become to FAZIATULFITREEN only.. Haha, it's okay!! It's better have a name than never.. About who is the name above, that is me laa.. FAZIATULFITREEN or others call me by my short name is  EEIN.. Ohhh, i forgot something.. my lover a.k.a mucuxxx call me thembamm and bucuk also.. He said that name is very, what we say as MANJAKKK laa for us.. Hehe

 Who's name is it???
of course lahh my sweetheart :)
Emm, do i love him??? yes, i do.. hehe
i really love him.. why???
i don't know why but i feel such a strong feelings with him
that why lahh, I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!
where's him???
right now, he's studies at IPG Kampus Pendidikan Islam..
WOW.. too far away right???
it's okay..
wherever we're
we still contact as usual
respect to each other and the most important thing is..


*sorry if i using the wrong grammar or what.. try to write in english!! KO ADA???

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